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Monday, November 26, 2001
State of Mac 3D
10:16 AM | Noah Brimhall | Comment on this story

While many Mac gamers tend to focus on the availability of 3D accelerator cards for the Mac, game developers have a keen interest in the state of 3D graphics creation applications for the Mac. A new article by looks at the state of these applications.

Written in reaction to a recent article at entitled "Maya: Doomed on Mac OS X," the new article gives a great history of the Mac 3D market and also covers new developments. The article highlights no less than ten Mac 3D programs, although some of these have been relegated to the graveyard.

As far as Maya goes, the author has a lot to say about's assertion that it is doomed:

This is a professional high-end application. It isn’t aimed at your average Mac consumer! We shouldn’t always connect the idea that Mac application equals low-cost tool. While it is true that Maya could be the most expensive application on the Macintosh ever sold, people and companies who work in the business have and do spend much more on hardware and software each year.
This is a very good read for those interested in Mac game development or just the state of Mac 3D. Maya: Doomed on OS X Looking at the Macintosh 3D market

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