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Monday, November 26, 2001

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Deimos Rising Hits Final Candidate
8:40 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

David Wareing, programmer for Ambrosia Software's upcoming shooter sequel Deimos Rising, has updated the game's progress log with news of its first Final Candidate release. This means they expect this version to be the final one. If testing confirms it is sufficiently bug-free, you can expect to see it very soon.

As mentioned in the past, Mac OS X support won't be offered initially, though Ambrosia president Andrew Welch is already on the case and helping to get the title Carbonized.

Deimos Rising is a classic top-down shooter which looks to take the genre ahead with impressive graphics, a weapon purchasing system, and a huge number of enemies to take down. Though Wareing has noted in the past that Mac OS 9.2.1 seems slower than previous versions of the OS, at this point he discounts the idea of the ATI/OpenGL drivers being the cause.

Here's Wareing's full post:

Deimos has gone Final Candidate. The game is now complete and will be released as soon as it passes the final round of testing.

We're looking to see if we can get a Carbonised version out in a short time frame, with Andrew Welch helping out with the conversion process. A lot will come down to how well implemented DrawSprocket is on OS X and the differences in window updating and buffering.

Regarding the slow down in Mac OS 9.2.1, it should be pointed out that the source of the problem is unknown. Though Copybits performance is drastically slower in this release, nothing at this stage points to the ATI or OpenGL drivers being the cause.

For more information and screen shots on Deimos Rising, head over to Ambrosia's beta shots page now. We'll keep you posted as a demo of Deimos Rising becomes available.

Ambrosia: Deimos Rising Progress Log
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Deimos Rising

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