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Friday, November 23, 2001
IMG Reviews The Power Mac G4/867
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Today IMG has posted a review of the Power Macintosh G4/867. While not necessarily the fastest Mac on the block, the Power Mac G4/867 houses the fastest G4 processor currently available to the public. Couple this with the 2 MB L3 backside cache, a 4x AGP slot, and the DVD-burning Superdrive that comes with the standard package, and you have quite a powerhouse in your hands. Here's a snippet from Eddie Park's review:

After gaming for several months on my old G4/450, I was interested in seeing the performance jump on a system with almost double the processing speed, as well as seeing what the highly-touted GeForce 3 could do. I started with Quake 3 1.30, benching it in both OS 9.2.1 (Open GL 1.2.1) and OS 10.1 using the included demo. The results were very impressive all around, with scores of 80.9 fps in OS 9 and 82.6 fps in OS X at 1024x768 with max quality settings. Running in 640x480 bumped up the scores a little to 83.8 for OS 9 and 85 for OS X.

Just for kicks, I also ran tests at 1600x1200 just to see the results. Interestingly enough, OS 9 seems to soundly trump OS X at this resolution with max quality settings, yielding scores of 83.5 fps versus OS X's lesser score of 65.5 fps. Running at low quality settings, however, slid more in favor of OS X, with the latest OS achieving 99 fps vs. OS 9's 92.1 fps. Why it turned out like this I have no idea, though it should be pointed out that fps testing is by no means an exact science.

If you're in the market for a new Power Mac, be sure to check out the rest of the review.

Review: Apple Power Macintosh G4/867

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