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Friday, November 16, 2001
WarBirds III Updated Again
6:00 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

WarBirds III has been updated yet again, bringing it to version 11.14.01. According to the developer, iEntertainment Network, the new version includes the following changes:

New Aircraft:


Hurricane IIc





NEW: F86 Sabre jet now selectable in the planes list.

NEW: Support for multiple terrains.

NEW: Added support to run WarBirds III simultaneously on multiple host machines.

NEW: Chunk installers will make download packages smaller and allow for easier upgrades.

FIXED: Particle system memory leak, this will stop a lot of the crashes to desktop.

FIXED: (Mac) CH USB Throttle and Pedals work together now.

FIXED: (Mac) Radeon black screen of death has been addressed.

FIXED: Correct loadout is sent to host on start of flight (will allow more accurate parsing of log files).

FIXED: The attached gunner loadout now matches the loadout for the player to which he is attached.

FIXED: Fuel divisor from host is now recognized.
The developer cautions, however, that this version will not work with the ATI Radeon AGP video card.

WarBirds III is a massively-multiplayer online dogfighting simulation with a persistent universe that takes place during World War II over the skies of western Europe.

iEntertainment: WarBirds III
Download WarBirds III 111401 Update (5.9 MB)

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