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Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Mac Hall Takes the Bait
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On Usenet, it's known as "trolling" or "flame-baiting." At Salon, it's called "journalism."

Salon recently ran an article purporting to describe the prevalence of drug use at LAN parties, a phenomenon largely unheard of before Salon's investigative legerdemain - even among gamers.

While we make some effort at IMG to avoid sensationalism and unduly biased opinion on our News pages, our comic satirists over at Mac Hall have free reign to treat this subject with the attention it deserves:

We swore this week we were going to do a comic that could not possibly be construed as "poking fun" at any person, place, or thing, but then Salon painted a bulls-eye on its forehead and started talking smack about our mothers.
Head on over to Mac Hall for this week's fix of comic wit.

IMG: Mac Hall Comic

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