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Monday, November 12, 2001

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Civilization III Post-Release Interview
10:40 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Following the recent release of the PC version of Civilization III, gaming site and server farm HomeLan Fed recently interviewed Jeff Briggs, CEO of Firaxis, asking various questions circulating around the Civ community following Civ III's release. Among the topics broached are the possibility of multiplayer support, the reasons for keeping Civ III turn-based, and future retail expansion plans.

When asked why Civ III was kept turn-based, Briggs defends the decision with the reasoning that turn-based games give players more flexibility in modeling and experimenting with various systems. He points to virtually every board and card game in existence as being turn-based, and adds that Civ III's design was thought out to the point where it should appeal to both new and veteran players of turn-based strategy titles.

Perhaps one of the most lamented issues with Civ III is the lack of multiplayer support. Briggs hints that something might be on the horizon:

The single-player experience has always been our main focus in the development of Civilization III, but we're working on some cool multiplayer concepts that will take a new approach to the challenge of making multiplayer for a turn-based game fun. Once we have more details to report we’ll let you know.
Briggs also hints that new content may be available on the 'Net sometime in the future. He adds, however, that there are no plans to release a demo, and that any future retail expansion pack decisions will have to be made by the publishers.

For more post-release details on Civ III, be sure to check out the whole interview. Westlake Interactive have said the Mac version of Civ III, to be published by MacSoft, reached first playable status in late October, with "a few surprises for OS X users." Early 2002 is the tentative release date.

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