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Wednesday, November 7, 2001

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Details on Monsters, Inc. Titles
11:24 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In an earlier story today, we noted that Apple has a new article up called Kids & Learning in their Games section. While the piece features a number of well-known titles like Otto Matic and Captain Bumper, it also touches on games based upon the just-released hit movie Monsters, Inc. from Steve Jobs's other company, Pixar, and from Disney.

A number of these licenced games will be Mac-compatible, thanks to the Pixar connection. Here's a clip from the article:

While your kids are having fun, they are also developing important problem-solving skills and learning to strategize; though some are indeed just about having fun.

Disney’s Monster Wreck Room Arcade excels in this category. The series of three mini-games offer a fun and sometimes twisted take on classic arcade gaming. Monster’s Tag sends your child to collect toys and other items within a city; 8 Ball Chaos lets kids join a wild game of pool with Sully; and Bowling for Screams invites children to knock over a few pins with Mike, monster-style!

A little digging at the Disney Interactive store brings up some details on these titles. It seems that at least Monsters, Inc. Wreck Room Arcade Games and Monsters, Inc. Scream Team Training will be Mac-compatible.

The Wreck Room Arcade Games are actually a collection of three separate games priced under $10: Bowling for Screams, Monster Tag, and Eight Ball Chaos. Disney also tout the ability to "collect all three to unlock a secret game."

The other title, Scream Team Training, is a s$30 title that promises to give you a glimpse of the monster's working day. Here's part of the game's

So what do monsters do all day? Well, you'll soon find out, as you become the newest employee at Monsters, Inc. You'll begin your journey where all new hires do -- with Roz, in the Orientation Room. But don't forget to punch in your personalized time card. In Orientation, you'll learn that before you can become a Class A Scarer, you'll have to work your way through the organization.
The above titles will all need at least a G3 to play and are Mac OS X compatible. Targeted at kids 4-8, they're probably not for the "hardcore" Mac gamer, but parents are sure to find them great stocking stuffers.

Check out Disney Interactive's (Flash-heavy) page for much more information on all of the games and even some online demos.

Apple: Kids & Learning
Disney Interactive

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