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Monday, November 5, 2001
Custer's Kabuto
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IMG's own resident giant, Brad Custer, has another desktop for us, this week bringing his impressive artistic talents to bear on Giants: Citizen Kabuto, the action/RTS game from the good folks at MacPlay:

With the recent announcement by MacPlay that Giants was shipping, I felt it was time to venture into this unique game and put a desktop together for it. "Incompatible" was a combination of box art, screenshots and game art provided by MacPlay and the internet. One interesting side note - the Sea Reaper art I found on the internet had to be fitted with a bikini top so this desktop could remain all-ages material. ;D I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I did making it.
Head on over to Custer's Desktops and dress up your screen with this week's dose of eye candy.

MacPlay: Giants: Citizen Kabuto
IMG: Custer's Desktops

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