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Friday, November 2, 2001

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Diablo II Fixes, StarCraft for OS X Due Soon
3:54 PM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

In a post in our IMG Forum, Blizzard Entertainment's Rob Barris confirmed for our readers that the Mac OS X version of StarCraft is due within the next month or two:

StarCraft for Mac OS X 10.1 is getting daily intensive testing and is looking good for our announced target of "fall 2001."
And in another post pointing to fuller details in the MacNN Forums, Barris had welcome news for those readers with newer video cards or drivers who have been experiencing slowdowns in Diablo II and its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction.

According to Barris, Blizzard's engineers have worked hard to nail down the source of these slowdowns and have discovered two separate problems: one, Diablo II's interaction with newer ATI drivers; the other, Diablo II's interaction with NVIDIA hardware in general.

While fixes are not shipping yet, Barris said they are "really close." He went on to add:

The work we do with our friends at ATI and NVIDIA is under NDA but if you can "take my word for it," I would like to point out that they are smart, fast working people. I have seen some results from their efforts in the last two weeks which are quite good for us....

In general the attitude has been "whatever the source of the wasted cycles is, let's get it fixed."

These two pieces of news are sure to be welcome to the many devoted Mac fans of these blockbuster games. For Barris's full posts, check out the Forum links below.

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