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Thursday, November 1, 2001
Mac Torque Update
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There's a new update on the GarageGames web site regarding the Mac conversion of the Torque engine. Torque is the stripped down version of the Tribes 2 engine which is available for programmers to license for the very low cost of $100. Here's the update:

The Mac platform source code is now part of the Torque Engine SDK CVS repository. This is not the Torque Mac SDK release. The Mac source is only entering beta, and is only available on the head (unstable) revision of the CVS. A number of Mac developers will be testing the code over the next few weeks. Once the source is stable we'll have our first official release. Please do not post any questions regarding the Mac source, it won't be supported until it's released.
Having a Mac branch of the code ensures any of the games released under the Torque license will be easy to recompile and run on the Mac.

In a recent update, Mac programmer David Chait said that there's a possibility the Torque engine will be shown at Macworld San Francisco in January. We also received more clarification from Chait on the status of the Mac Torque sound (which uses OpenAL in the PC branch) and input functionality:

Sound is a bit problematic -- the 1.0 AL release for the Mac is missing
functionality, and no X release as yet, though Creative has been talking
about an update -- but I am looking at make-my-own solutions in the near
term to try and get it up and running on both. Input seems pretty good on
9, but we still have some issues to resolve in both the CFM and MachO apps on X (full-screen mode especially has issues). I'm sure in the next week or two we'll shake out most of the issues.
Stay tuned to IMG for the latest on Torque and any games that may spawn from it.

GarageGames Mac Torque Update

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