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Thursday, November 1, 2001
Fahrenheit Coming to Mac, PC
8:26 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme received word that the French-based Quantic Dream is planning to release their next title, Fahrenheit for both the Mac and PC. The adventure game is described as "the first 3D real-time television series," with new episodes being released once a month. The images posted on the official Fahrenheit site look very impressive so far, and the description of its gameplay is intriguing:

Play the role of the hunter and the fugitive in this fantastic interactive adventure where you will have to speak, explore, interact, fight and face up to dark forces. Fahrenheit uses the latest 3D real-time technologies to enable you to become the different protagonists in the adventure and cause the story to unfold.
More details on the ICE 3D engine being used to make the game have also just been posted. Here's a clip explaining how Quantic is able to use the lighting and shadows to enhance the moody effects:
ICE 3D uses a special system for lighting up characters which integrates, among other things, specular lights and self-shadowing. Specular lights enable us to make a character's skin react in a particularly realistic way by reflecting light. This technology also enables us to have a face half lit up and half in shadow. The lighting system used by ICE 3D creates hyper-realistic and detailed shadows (we can distinguish a character's fingers in his shadow). These shadows stretch and bend naturally in relation to the light and the set (volume shadows). The other great feature of ICE 3D is that it enables us to have self-shadowing i.e. not only do characters project real-time shadows in the set but also on themselves. This enables us, for example, to have the shadow of an arm on a character's torso or the sidepieces of glasses shadowed on the face.
We will certainly keep an eye on this interesting adventure title and report back any new changes on its status. Fahrenheit is set for release early next year for Mac and PC, though no details about a pricing plan have yet been given.

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