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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

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Fly II Patch for OS X 10.1 Released
7:52 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The patches for OS X keep on rolling. A newpatch that fixes compatibitly issues for MacSoft's Fly II! under OS X 10.1 has been released by Infogrames, MacSoft's parent company. The small patch includes a small file called "HIDManagerSupport" that replaces an older file of the same name. The Infogrames support page for Fly II! includes some important steps in installing the update,

This patch increases compatibility with Mac OS-X and fixes some issues related to this operating system.

To download and install this patch you will need to re-boot your Mac into OS 9.

After re-booting, download the patch, and follow the Readme file instructions for installation. After you have replaced the proper files, re-boot into OS-X and launch the game.

To download the update, head over to our sister site, After you apply the patch, be sure to submit reviews of the patch at to let other readers know how well the patch works.

Fly II! For OS X 10.1 (35k)
Terminal Reality
Fly! II
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Archives  News  Fly II Patch for OS X 10.1 Released