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Monday, October 29, 2001
Handheld Crystal Quest Available
8:10 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A helpful reader spotted an interesting development over the weekend, with the handheld release of the classic Mac title Crystal Quest. Many 'old-school' Mac gamers will have fond memories of the title, which is now available for either Palm or Pocket PC owners to try out. The game looks to be a faithful recreation of the original, if not just a wee bit smaller than before. Here's the scoop on its features:

  • 40 waves of action. How far will you get?
  • Unique stylus play control.
  • Smart bombs, crystals, and mines - oh my!
  • Dynamic sound effects.
  • Full color or gray scale support.
  • High Score Table.

    Use your stylus to pilot your sphere against wave after wave of increasingly difficult attacks. Collect all the crystals while avoiding mines, bullets, bombs, and enemies. Be prepared to dive into the gateway to escape to the next wave, only to be faced by a new onslaught. Annoyers, Worriers, Dumples, Pests, Huskets, Banes, Menaces and the dreaded Zarklephaser await you! Whatever you do, don't shoot the Shrapwarden!

  • For more information on a demo or to buy the title, check out the site at

    Crystal Quest for Handhelds Web Page

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