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Monday, October 29, 2001

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Wolfenstein Development Diary
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

PC.IGN scored an informative first article in a series of development diaries on Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Executive producer Greg Goodrich of Gray Matter Studios gives a good rundown of how they started out on the project. Goodrich discusses their attempts to get access to the Wolfenstein license, as well as their goals with this sequel. Nine years between the two titles means there is quite a large gap between technology, and he also gives the rundown on how the Quake III engine is being used in the game.

One of the biggest changes to the gameplay will be the addition of the ability to 'sneak' through some areas. Fans of the original 3D version will mostly remember countless bad guys coming at you. Here's a clip from the article explaining how the new title will be more flexible and varied in its gameplay:

"Return to Castle Wolfenstein can be played in a number of different ways allowing for varying game play styles. In some levels the weapons will remain hot, while other levels require complete silence. But the majority of the game will allow you to play in whatever manner you wish. However, on the most difficult setting, you'll have to figure out how to tactically approach many of the given situations. If you select this mode, ramming through a door with your guns blazing usually results in one outcome. You're dead!
Lots of other good information is given in the diary log, so be sure to head over and give it a look. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is expected out around Christmas for the PC. While no specifics are known yet on the status of a Mac publisher, it's expected out soon after.

Download Castle Wolfenstein MP Test for OS X (65MB)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Development Diary
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