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Monday, October 15, 2001
More Details/Movie on Return to Castle Wolfenstein
12:24 PM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As the PR campaign for Return to Castle Wolfenstein gains momentum, more and more details are being divulged to gaming newssites for the consumption of the general public. A correspondent from GameSpy recently attended a press event sponsored by Activision featuring RTCW and has posted his findings.

One interesting development point that many may have missed is that RTCW is actually a joint effort between Id Software, Gray Matter Studios, and Nerve Software. Gray Matter has been working on the single player version, while Nerve has been hammering away at the multiplayer aspect.

The single player campaign seems to hold plenty of variety in terms of gameplay. Besides the usual "run and gun" stages, some levels will have players engage in sniper battles with the enemy, while others have the player searching a level for a specific objective. Levels may also contain traps as well as various enemies including zombies, Venom Soldiers, and Elite Guards, all of which have reportedly fierce and clever AI.

To stave off these enemies, the single player campain will equip players with weapons such as dual Colt pistols, Lugers with a silencer option and Garand sniper rifles equipped with night vision scopes.

Though the basic aspects of the multiplayer game should be familiar to fans, given that the beta test has been out for some time now, some new details concerning the final build have come to light. Engineers must now arm dynamite charges after planting them, leaving them more vulnerable during the dynamite planting process. Certain weapons from the single player aspect will not make it to the multiplayer, including the Tesla Cannon, Garand sniper rifle, Air Trooper Rifle, or the massively powerful bazooka.

Another welcome change to the multiplayer aspect will be the adding of a player kick vote of sorts. People playing the multiplayer beta test have no doubt encountered llamas who seem to take great delight in killing their own team members. To combat this, players fragged by their own teammates can lodge a complaint with the system. If enough complaints are lodged, a vote to kick the offending player is automatically called.

For those that would like to see RTCW in action, GameSpot is currently hosting the E3 trailer in various formats.

Id's CEO Todd Hollenshead assures that both PC and Mac versions of RTCW are on the way, with a release date of around Christmas. There's no specific release date as of yet, but they are "very confident in their ability to ship the game before the end of this year."

GameSpot - Return to Castle Wolfenstein E3 Trailer
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