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Monday, September 17, 2001
Custer's Desktop Updated
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Brad Custer has decided to forgo his gaming-themed desktop this week for a work of a much more personal nature. Intended as a memorial to all who perished in last week's attack on American soil, this desktop is accompanied by a list of links to ways you can help the survivors of this catastrophe. Here is more on the desktop from Brad:

I wasn't sure what was going to happen to our nation and feared that it would drive our country apart, but it had the opposite effect. It has brought our great country closer together than we have been in awhile. Every time I see a fellow American flying our flag or showing support it touches my heart and gives me great pride to be part of it.

I knew this week I wanted to pay tribute in some way to all those that lost their lives or a loved one so I decided to use my weekly desktop as my way to honor them. Please download this desktop and pass it along to a friend.

Visit Custer's Desktops for this latest creation.

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