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Friday, September 14, 2001
Classic Cinemaware Titles for Mac OS?
12:10 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A sharp-eyed IMG reader spotted the news that game developer Cinemaware, a company that has existed since the virtual dawn of computer gaming itself, is working on "digitally remastered" versions of their classic titles including Defender of the Crown. In a September 10th announcement, the company released the news that many of their classics are being remade and updated in this fashion and may be ready for release soon -- and the Mac OS is one of their targeted platforms.

The value-priced titles have been "digitally remastered" by clickBOOM, a team of Amiga developers. Along with Defender of the Crown, Cinemaware also plans to release versions of The Three Stooges, Wings, The King of Chicago, Lords of the Rising Sun, Sinbad and others.

Check out the Cinemaware announcement for examples of how these classics will be enhanced. We're not certain which titles will be released for the Mac OS, but we've contacted the company and will bring you the results of our inquiry.

Defender of the Crown Remastered Edition Details
Cinemaware Press Release

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