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Wednesday, September 12, 2001
IMG Feature: Radeon 8500 'In the Flesh'
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Today at IMG we present a special feature focusing on the next-generation abilities of ATI's upcoming Radeon 8500 chipset as well as the special effects abilities present in current and future versions of OpenGL. This preview, based on conversations with ATI engineers, is full of exclusive information not yet reported by any site, Mac or PC. Not only do we have details on the new engine ATI has crafted to demonstrate their card features, we also have the only Mac-compatible movies of these actual demos in action. If you want to see what the future of gaming will look like, this feature is your crystal ball. Here is an excerpt:

ATI is of course in the process of launching their next generation of products, led by the flagship Radeon 8500. This fully "buzzword compliant" card will feature a whole new realm of possibilities for game designers (and gamers, of course), bringing unprecedented levels of realism and eye candy to video games. Of course, games that will actually use the card's special features are a while away -- it will take some time to structure content into a game that uses the special card features to their advantage, and it will take developers some time how to use the tools. Thus ATI needed an engine to demonstrate the power of their card right now, for prospective customers. The name of this engine is Sushi.
The movies really have to be seen to be believed, but even if you just check out the screen shots, remember -- everything you see is capable of being generated in real time, not pre-rendered like a Pixar short. We hope developers will take the time to add some of the effects shown here to their games, and we know you will too!

Feature: Radeon 8500 In the Flesh

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