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Thursday, September 6, 2001
Eldoren - Book One: The Discovery Coming to the Mac
8:03 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Helpful reader James Carpenter pointed out a new game called Eldoren - Book One: The Discovery which is currently in the design stages for Mac and PC by former Rivenguild webmaster, Gordon Currie. Back in June IMG reported on the closing of the popular Myst fan site which he ran, as Currie was no longer able to fund Rivenguild's web presence. He was also being laid off by Ubi Soft, the new Myst III publisher at the time, from his work on the official Exile and realMYST sites. His latest undertaking, Adventure Gamer, will attempt to fill a gap in sites devoted to Myst-like adventure titles, with a focus now on Eldoren.

The Discovery is actually the first in a trilogy of short novels written by Curry, and will be the basis for this fantasy/sci fi adventure title. Concept artwork is already being done by two artists, Francis Tsai and Christian Piccolo, both having worked on Cyan/Myst games. They hope to have a 30 minute trailer/video available early next year. Here are a few of the other status updates from the official site:

    The book itself that was used to develop that game is close to completion. In fact the game may include the second two books in the series ( The Rings of Aligor and The Houses Unite )
  • The Plot and storyline is now completed
  • Puzzle development is underway for the game. Look for lots of stone, water, rope and locks ( of all kinds ).
  • A decision regarding the game engine used and the format ( 3D, slideshow etc ) has not been made. (We expect an update on this very soon)
  • It is my goal to release both a PC / Mac version as well as a console version. These details will be finalized once a deal is inked with a publisher.
  • We are comptemplating on creating a first person game that will allow you to play either a male or female role or simply sitback and play from a generic position.
  • The concept artwork for the game is near completionl. I have two Graphic Artists currently working on the game concept art - ( Francis Tsai - lead artist on Myst III Exile ) and (Christian Piccolo - Concept artist who has worked for both Presto Studios and CYAN. His most recent development work was on MUDPIE. Christian is no longer working at CYAN and is working on this project independently.)
  • I do not currently have a publisher but I am in talks with three and looking at assembling a development team. Once I have more information on this aspect, I will post publicly.

For more information on the game's background and concept art, be sure to head over to the AdventureGamer page now. While Eldoren is still very early in development, we'll be sure to keep you posted as it moves into actual production.

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