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Monday, September 3, 2001
GeForce 3 Ultra Due Soon?
12:34 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In light of recent announcements from ATI looking to raise the bar for high-end 3D graphics cards, their main competitor NVIDIA is reportedly not going to be caught flat-footed. GameSpot UK has a quick new report from ECTS which anticipates the release of new high- and low-end models of the powerful GeForce 3 card in the next couple of months. The company will supposedly follow the same modeling scheme they used for the GeForce 2, with the 'MX' moniker being used for the more inexpensive cards and the 'Ultra' designating their more powerful counterparts. Here's an excerpt from GameSpot's report:

The original GeForce3 launched in February this year, and is overdue for a makeover. After the GeForce2 launched in at the end of April 2000, buyers had to wait just two months for the GeForce2 MX and four months for the GeForce2 Ultra.

The GeForce3 Ultra is likely to get extra memory bandwidth over the standard GeForce3, while the low-end GeForce3 MX models are likely to used single data rate RAM instead of the double data rate RAM based on the higher-spec chips, lowering memory bandwidth but still giving buyers access to the same features.
While Mac versions of the GeForce line are exclusively available through Apple now, it's likely that any updates to the GeForce 3 line would only be a good thing for Mac gamers. There have also been many reports of flashing PC versions of the GeForce cards to work in Macs, though this is only for the most ambitious of users.

GeForce 3 Ultra Report at GameSpot UK

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Archives  News  GeForce 3 Ultra Due Soon?