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Tuesday, August 28, 2001
More Details on Radeon 7500 Mobility
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As expected, the PC hardware sites got an advanced preview of the new ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility chipset, and articles are beginning to appear with more details on this exciting product. While we must emphasize that there are no solid plans for including this chipset in future Macintosh portables -- after all, Steve keeps such things under wraps until the last second -- but this seems a likely candidate for a future chipset. Boasting the power and features of a Radeon 7500 yet drawing less than half a volt of power (in special low-power mode), the 7500 Mobility is the ultimate multimedia road warrior chip -- capable of all the amazing 2D features ATI is known for as well as hardcore-gamer-class 3D visuals.

Rage3D has produced a detailed preview of the chipset, complete with PC benchmarks. While the preview does contain a wealth of information about the new chipset, it is the benchmarks that catch your eye -- according to their tests, the Mobility 7500 is a whopping 95 percent faster than the NVIDIA GeForce 2Go in the 3D Mark benchmark test. And the performance does not stop there -- not only is the 7500 Mobility over twice as fast as the GeForce2Go in Quake 3 Arena benchmarks, it is also 20 percent faster than the original Radeon DDR -- even when the Radeon is a 64 MB configuration. When was the last time you saw a chipset for a portable system beat the stuffing out of cutting-edge desktop cards?

But what does it mean to Mac users? While this article at MacCentral doesn't fully answer that question, it provides a nice overview of the chipset and its possible applications on the Mac. In addition to an overview of the chipset and its features and configurations, the article does include a little informed speculation at the end:

o with ATI's marketing muscle in the mobile graphics space and the new innovations in the Mobility Radeon 7500, will this new chip come to Apple's portable line? Apple won't say a word prior to a formal product introduction. And as MacCentral went to press with this article, ATI hasn't announced any manufacturing partnerships involving the new graphics hardware on the PC end either, although such announcements are expected soon.

Like other Radeon hardware, ATI has certainly taken Apple into consideration for the new chip. Soraya confirmed that the Mobility Radeon 7500 could be integrated into the Mac architecture quite effectively if Apple wills it. When pressed for details about possible partnerships with Apple, Soraya diplomatically replied, "We have worked closely with key laptop OEMs to develop the new Mobility Radeon 7500."

After seeing those benchmarks, we have to agree that the Radeon 7500 chipset is one worth wishing for -- lets hope the team working on the next Powerbook revision takes this powerful, portable-friendly chip into consideration.

"An in-depth look at ATI's Mobility Radeon 7500" at MacCentral
Radeon Mobility 7500 Preview at Rage3D

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Archives  News  More Details on Radeon 7500 Mobility