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Friday, August 24, 2001
Mac Gaming Gods: Graeme Devine
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Perhaps the second-most well-known name at id Software (behind John Carmack of course), Graeme Devine is not only a long-haired Brit who worked on Quake 3 and is working on DOOM 3, he is also a relentless promoter of the Mac platform. For all those reasons and more IMG has made him a part of our Mac Gaming Gods feature, and today we post the second installment.

Along with a detailed and interesting biography of this programmer , who began his career with Atari at age fourteen, we also have a short Q&A session with his thoughts on Mac gaming. Here is an excerpt:

Q: A lot of Mac gamers are familiar with your enthusiasm and evangelism about the Mac at id, but not many know about past: you programmed Pole Position for Atari and founded Trilobyte, which developed The 7th Guest. Could you expand on your younger days a bit more?

A; I worked on all the various ports of Pole Position for Atari. At that time Atarisoft was making games for different computers than their own and selling them, and I was in that part of the company. It was fun, even up until the end because we produced games so quickly that the fun component of each game had to be very, very high. Trilobyte came much later and was basically a result of looking around the industry and saying "hey, this CD thing is going to take off... I bet if we make a CD game..."

Read on for more details on this most influential of game developers.

Mac Gaming Gods: Graeme Devine

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