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Wednesday, August 22, 2001
WWII Online Q&A
3:00 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

MacGamer has conducted an informative Q&A with Rodney Hodge of Playnet, the publishers and hosts of the massively-multiplayer online warfare sim World War II Online. While the team is still striving for a late-August release for the Mac, the rocky start of this title on the PC side raises some legitimate questions. MacGamer's Q&A delves into such topics as who is playing the game, why they decided to make a Mac version and the future of the title.

Here's an excerpt:

Why make a WWII game rather than, say, a fantasy/Tokien-style or futuristic kind of game, given the crazy success games like that seem to have?

I guess there are a couple of reasons for that. The first is that even though we enjoy all types of games here as a whole, we came from a simulations background. While playing those, we have always thought, "wouldn't it be cool if you could do this", or "wouldn't that just rock" in reference to bringing all of the simulation genres together in one game. The virtual battlefield is the holy grail of simming. We put a lot of time and planning into adding RPG and strategy elements into the mix to tie it all together and came up with WWII Online.

Second, is that the market is about flooded with MMRPG's... Why do one of those and just be one of the many. We instead, have been creating new tools and technologies with a separate genre with WWII Online and then can apply those new proprietary technologies to a more competitive RPG game in the future, but I wouldn't expect to see an example of this unless we think we can do something substantially better.

For more on this ambitious title, read the rest of the interview.

World War II Online Q&A at MacGamer

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