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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

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Elite Force Expansion, OS X Release Soon
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The Aspyr Newsletter has two pieces of great news for fans of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force: not only is a Carbon patch going to be made available for players of the original title, but the expansion pack for this game is also on the way.

The Carbon versions of Elite Force and the expansion were developed by Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive; unfortunately this leaves the Cocoa version by Omni Development in limbo, as it currently cannot be released due to a problem with movie playback.

Here's an excerpt from the newsletter with details on the Carbon patch and the expansion itself:

Star Trek-Voyager: Elite Force Expansion Pack (STV:EFX) is heading for the
Mac and it will be OSX compatible. An OSX patch for Star Trek-Voyager:
Elite Force will also be made available on the Expansion Pack CD (the patch
will also be made available as a download, upon release of the game).

In STV:EFX, the U.S.S. Voyager comes alive with an interactive tour mode
that takes you to places that make the ship tick. It also includes 21
New multiplayer maps that allow for more hardcore action, new characters
(including Captain Janeway as Borg!) and new single-player missions with new
alien creatures and a new "Borg Slayer" game. You've just been given an
all-access pass to the Delta Quadrant's most desirable ship. Grab your
exploration rifle, and let the non-stop action begin.

STV:EFX will ship carbonized and will provide the OSX updater for the
original game. It will also include and incorporate the STV:EF1.20 patch.
These updates will be made available as a download. However you can get the
updates without waiting on download time, on the STV:EFX cd.

Brad Oliver, of Westlake Interactive, has been working on carbonizing both
STV: EF and STV: EFX. "We are extremely pleased with the job Brad (Oliver)
has done on previous projects and were impressed with the quality of work he
did for American McGee's Alice, particularly the carbonization. We knew
that Brad was our guy for the Expansion Pack," says Ted Staloch, VP of Sales
for Aspyr. "Westlake continues to amaze us with their quality of work and
their continued efforts to keep gaming technology moving forward."

Very exciting news for Mac Elite Force fans. Aspyr notes they will begin taking preorders for the title this Thursday, and the expansion will only be available from their web site for $19.95; of course the full version of the game is also required.

Aspyr Media
Review: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Aspyr Media
Raven Software
Westlake Interactive
Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

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