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Monday, August 13, 2001
PopTop Chat Transcript
10:08 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Express World, a website devoted to the titles Tropico, Railroad Tycoon II, and Railroad Tycoon 3, has recently posted the transcript for an online chat held with two members of PopTop software (responsible for the above titles, among other things). It contains some interesting bits of information concerning the games themselves as well.

Concerning RT II: Platinum Edition, it is speculated that this title should be out (for PC) on September 1st. Though the game is supposed to include over 2 hours of music, the whole game will still fit on one CD, as mp3 compression is used for the music tracks.

The idea of a Tropico expansion pack is also kicked around, though nothing official is in evidence yet. If an expansion pack is announced, there is a possibility that it will use PopTop's S3D engine, though it's also mentioned that a new engine is currently being worked on. They also mentioned that future patches, if any, may be slow in coming.

When asked about various details for Railroad Tycoon 3, "PopFranz" simply says: 'As for RT3, my official stance is "I can not confirm nor discount any such possibilities at this time.'" However, later on in the chat, the PopTop representatives go on to discuss various additions which might make it into RT3.

The the rest of the transcript, like most online chats, eventually degenerates into talk about atomic-powered cats and such. But for those that wish to scan the whole thing, it's currently available at Express World.

Express World

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