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Tuesday, August 7, 2001

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Red Faction Multiplayer Updates
10:41 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As Volition's upcoming FPS shooter Red Faction edges closer and closer to completion, more pics and notes concerning the multiplayer aspect of the game continue to surface. New to the official Red Faction site are screenshots of two multiplayer levels in action, and they are spectacular.

The first level, titled Killbox, takes place in a warehouse. The second, titled Watch Your Step, takes place in a floating industrial area. Screenshots of both arenas show ample evidence of RF's Geo-Mod engine, with gaping holes both in the walls and floors being shown. Some interesting skins are also shown, with some of the players running around in suits and ties, rather than the full-armor suits that have so often been shown in past RF screenshots.

Here's a clip from the multiplayer feature at the RF site:

This well-known type of online play is drastically changed with Geo-Mod functionality. New routes throughout the map are created on-the-fly, walls are no longer the ultimate protection, and camping is signing a death certificate.
Again, it's the Geo-Mod engine that's going to radically change the way FPS games are normally played. Hiding behind a wall is no longer a guarantee of protection, and creating your own escape routes and shortcuts mid-game is now entirely possible.

The feature also mentions that over 17 deathmatch maps will be available from the outset, along with the abiltiy to create your own levels. However, there is no confirmation that the Mac version of RF will come with the level-creation tools.

For those interested in taking a look at the multiplayer maps on display, be sure to check out the new multiplayer feature at the RF site.

Red Faction - Multiplayer Feature
Red Faction

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