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Tuesday, August 7, 2001

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V12 Engine Status, License Changes
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GarageGames' Tim Gift made a new update to the development status thread for V12, noting they are nearing final candidate for the powerful cross-platform 3D game engine. V12 is the Tribes 2-based engine which will be available for Mac and PC game developers to allow them to get titles up and running for the amazingly low license fee of $100. Tim and Rick Overman are currently finishing the transaction work on the web site so you will be able to pay for and download games from their site. Their attention will shift back to finalizing the engine for a final candidate run in the near future, however:

We haven't quite sorted out all the web site download monitoring and metering the way we want it, but enough of it is in place for the V12 launch. None of the Apache mods seem to quite do what we want so we may end up writing something ourselves. We'll revisit this issue later.

Rick and I are now back on the engine itself wrapping up some misc. issues. Getting some final missions in, etc. We hope to have our first final candidate built this evening.

Jeff Tunnell of Garage Games recently announced some changes to the EULA, or license agreement, of the V12 engine. As if the insanely low licensing fee wasn't enough to rope in developers looking for a strong engine to work on, Garage Games has made even more modifications to the EULA that will make things even more attractive for developers. The most important change is that "GG no longer retains sequel rights to published products as long as the developer changes the content of the original game by 50%." This, of course, means that developers who use the V12 engine to create successful games that deviate by more than half from the original game will retain their own rights to any sequels made, rather than deferring such rights to Garage Games.

The full list of changes to the license are as follows:

1. GG no longer retains sequel rights to published products as long as the content is changed at least by 50%.

2. Accredited educational institutions may use the V12 for educational purposes with written permission.

3. On line, and subscription based games are permitted with a separate agreement.

4. Non-game commercial use of the V12 is permitted with a separate written agreement.

Both a plain English and a "lawyer version" of the EULA license agreement are available for viewing as well for those who are interested.

It's quite nice to see GG give potential developers so much flexibility with the upcoming release of the V12 engine. If it becomes popular enough, there's a large chance that we'll see many future joint PC/Mac titles released, facilitated by the fact that the V12 engine will be available for both platforms.

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