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Monday, July 30, 2001

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Nanosaur-Based Comic Book Underway
2:25 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software recently informed us about a new
project with publisher Samson Comics to release a comic book based on the
3D dinosaur game Nanosaur. This original charityware title was made
ubiquitous after Apple bundled it to showcase the 3D power in their first iMacs (and
still do so today). While notably light on storyline, the comic book promises more
than "just an action story about a Dinosaur with a gun." The sneak preview of
the hand-illustrated artwork certainly do look impressive, and there are even T-shirts already
available to celebrate the comic's release next month. Here's a clip from the description:

In the future, Dinosaurs rule the earth once more, but not for long. Man brought back these
amazing reptiles at the expense of his own demise. Now the very DNA that sustains the
Dinosaurs’ existence may cause their destruction. Disease is ravaging the evolved Saurians,
killing them off to the brink of another extinction. The only solution for the reptiles is to send
one of their own back through time to collect enough DNA from their ancestors to cure the
disease. The only problem is that he arrives just before the meteor that wiped out the Dinosaurs
the first time is due to hit.

Their past can save the future, but they're out of time in a world
that exists without fences or boundaries. A walk in the Park? It
never even crossed their minds... So begins the mission of the

Head over and check out some of the preliminary art samples available at the
Samson web site. We'll keep you posted as the comic heads to press and becomes available
for Nanosaur fans worldwide. Rumor has it Pangea might have other plans
to revisit the Nanosaur world after they're finished with their current project, Otto Matic; and perhaps Otto will also be the inspiration for a comic series as well.

Samson Comics Web Site
Pangea Web Site

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Archives  News  Nanosaur-Based Comic Book Underway