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Friday, July 27, 2001
Quake 3 1.29g for Classic and Cocoa on Monday
5:19 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

It seems to have become tradition for id Software to produce Quake 3 point releases for the PC first, while Mac users must wait a bit longer. This time is no different, as id has released a 1.29f update for the Windows and Linux clients. We asked Graeme Devine, the Mac programmer at id, when the Mac update(s) would be complete. He surprised us with news that both Cocoa and Classic versions would be released on Monday, along with a dedicated server build for Mac OS X.

According to Devine, the advantage of using the dedicated server build over the in-game hosting options is that the dedicated server does not load OpenGL and has a small memory footprint. So those of you who have old iMacs laying around that are capable of running Mac OS X, get ready to start up those Quake 3 servers!

In the meantime, here is a list of fixes that are contained in 1.29g:

• Players joining (and apparently leaving) the game cause everyone to hitch

• fs_handleforfile: none free ERROR

• After last level of tier game doesn't stay on trophy screen, instead it takes you directly to next tier screen

• There is a shader bug in Pro-q3dm6

• developer cheats like R_Showtris have been disabled in the PR (they were never disabled, the user simply needs to run the game with “+set developer 1” minus quotes, at the command line.

• made /startOrbit cheatprotected

• Rcon issues now resolved.

• fs_basegame isn't published to clients

• fixedlegs command in the animation config is apparently not working

• + and - cvars fixed
Make sure to check IMG and MacGameFiles on Monday for news and download mirrors of the Quake 3 updates.

id Software

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Archives  News  Quake 3 1.29g for Classic and Cocoa on Monday