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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

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The Sims Online for Mac?
10:54 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The popular general information site has recently posted a short interview under its Simulation Games section. The interviewee, Jenna Chalmers, is on the design team for Maxis's upcoming title The Sims Online. The interview offers some interesting insights into this upcoming multiplayer world, but the main question in most Mac user's minds is undoubtedly whether or not a Mac version will ever be produced. Here's a clip straight from the interview which addresses this issue:

[SNG] - Various Mac users have used the SNG Contact form to inquire regarding the Mac compatibility of the online version of the game. Will Mac users who have used the be able to participate in the online community?

[Chalmers] - Initial launch will only support Windows computers but there have been discussions internally and with Aspyr about the possibility of a Mac client.

As far as The Sims Online itself goes, Chalmers notes that the most appealing aspect of the game will be the ability for players of The Sims to import their characters into a persistent world populated with other players. The ability to engage in cooperative or competitive situations will also be available.

Other interesting tidbits concerning gameplay are also noted. The employment scheme of The Sims will be expanded, with players being able to have their Sims become employers of other Sims. Personal relationships can also develop, though the ability to -- ahem -- "produce offspring" (an asked-for feature) will not be implemented.

As far as monitoring/maintaining the world will go, Maxis is currently slapping a 'T' (for Teen) rating on the game. Chalmers states that the idea behind this game is to make it a personalized experience for each player, not necessarily to make it suitable for all ages. In addition, a monthly fee of some kind will be in place.

For those looking for more information on The Sims Online, the interview is available at the About Simulation Games site. Hopefully Mac gamers will receive good news soon regarding a solid deal to port this title.

About Simulation Gaming - The Sims Online Interview

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