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Friday, July 13, 2001

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Max Payne Preview
12:32 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Stomped has posted a preview of the ultra-realistic shooter Max Payne, which is due to ship in August for PC. Mac gamers only recently learned that this title will be coming to the Mac platform via MacSoft, but it is still too early to predict when that port might be complete. Nevertheless this hands-on preview of the title is a compelling read, and offers an overview of this third-person shooter and its innovative features that set it apart from others in the genre.

One of the more interesting elements of this shooter is the inclusion of "bullet time" -- a Matrix-like ability to slow down time and either dodge bullets or snap off a few shots while your opponents continue to move in normal time. Here are some details on this feature and how it is controlled:

The standard controls are typical shooter fair, using the WASD movement layout combined with the mouse. The mouse movement controls the aiming/camera angle, while the right button controls the bullet time and left button shoots. The bullet time is used in two different ways. The first is the default toggle that slows down everything, but uses up the bullet time supply very quickly. It is very useful for going into rooms with a lot of bad guys. This allows any move to be done, all in slow motion. The other form of bullet time involves a movement key combined with the bullet time button and is called shootdodging. Strafe movements perform a slow motion dive to the side, while forward and back have Max do a somersault or leap onto his back respectively. The dodging bullet time only uses a small portion of the supply. This allows the player enough time to get one or two shots off on the enemy. Do not worry that the supply of bullet time is finite. Taking out opponents will gives a small portion back.
Bullet time will not only be used to give the character of Max an edge against endless hordes of well-armed bad guys, but it will also add some spectacular visuals to an already stunning game. Jump to Stomped to check out the rest of the preview; as with previous articles about this game, we feel compelled to warn you that the screen shots do depict extreme (albeit simulated) violence and bloodshed.

Max Payne Preview at Stomped
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Max Payne
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