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Friday, July 13, 2001
Snapz Pro Goes OS X
9:59 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Yes, we're aware of the fact that Snapz Pro isn't a game, even though it comes from Ambrosia Software. However we here at IMG find this utility so useful for grabbing game screen shots for our reviews and previews that it has become an integral tool for IMG article production. Now that more games are shipping native for Mac OS X, we're extremely happy to report that Snapz will also be crossing the divide and will appear in 'native' form next week. Here's the press release:

Snapz Pro X brings Ambrosia's award-winning Snapz Pro product to OS X.
We're not just porting it, we're rewriting the entire product from the
ground up to take advantage of MacOS X's unique features.

Snapz Pro is a sleek utility that lets you grab virtually anything you see
on your Mac's screen and immediately transform it into a usable picture
file or QuickTime movie. Snapz Pro 2 also works when most other capture
utilities won't, making it the screen shot utility of choice for manual
writers, web publishers, and other media professionals.

With previous versions of Snapz Pro, the registration fee was $40, take it
or leave it. We realized this pricing scheme didn't work well for all

If you just want a better static screen capture tool, you can get that in
spades with Snapz Pro X for $29. If you're into higher-end work, and need
movie capture too, you can get that for $49 (you can also always upgrade
to add the movie capabilities later for the difference in cost).

We will of course be offering a discount to existing Snapz Pro users who
want to upgrade to Snapz Pro X, despite the fact that Snapz Pro X has been
rewritten from scratch!

Keep in mind that Snapz Pro X isn't merely a port of Snapz Pro to OS X; in
addition to necessarily being rewritten from the ground up, we've also
added numerous features to Snapz Pro X that didn't exist before, including
but not limited to:

-- Additional file formats such as Windows BMP, Adobe Photoshop, and
PDF, OS X's native file format

-- Automatic thumbnail generation from images, with a variety of

-- Watermarking of images with copyright notices, company logos, web
badges, etc.,

-- A new Objects tool that allows you to select multiple on-screen
objects (such as two windows, or a window and a menu) to capture in a
single screenshot

-- Choose from a variety of borders to add to your images, such as
seamlessly fading them to white or black, or adding a drop shadow

-- Much, much more, while retaining Snapz Pro X's renowned ease of

Jump to the Snapz Pro X progress log for screen shots (what else would you expect?) of the new interface and capabilities of this utility.

Ambrosia Software
Snapz Pro X Beta Details, Screen Shots

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