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Friday, July 13, 2001
Crazy Car Championship Update
9:41 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

VoodooExtreme has snagged a new developer update from Rick Heywood of Synaptic Soup. In the update, Heywood talks about their cross-platform engine Cipher and the first game that will use it, Crazy Car Championship. Now that they have finalized the engine and are starting to license it to other game makers, the Synaptic team can concentrate on actually making the game. Just from the screen shots you can tell Crazy Car is going to be graphically impressive. Here's a clip from the diary with more on the realistic physics vs. just make the game fun debate:

Well, up to now, Crazy Car Championship has really been in its design and prototype phase, which means we have not been working on it full time. During this time we have been trying out ideas and seeing what works and what doesn’t and we discovered a lot of interesting things along the way. For example, we had planned to use a pretty accurate physics model to make the cars behave realistically, but our tests showed that they feel a lot more fun to drive when we cheat a bit. We now plan to use a custom physics model that is tuned specifically to make the cars fun and exciting to drive, which gives up a lot more creative freedom into the bargain.
He also goes into some detail on the eye candy in this already impressive-looking game. Crazy Car Championship should be completed early next year. While there is no publisher yet announced with a Mac version, the makers shouldn't have any problems doing such a port, thanks to Cipher's cross-platform compatibility.

Synaptic Soup
Crazy Car Championship Update at VoodooExtreme

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