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Friday, July 13, 2001

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Aspyr Sets the Date(s)
9:20 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media has recently updated their project status page with the expected release dates for three of their upcoming titles. The first two should be available just in time for next week's Macworld New York expo. American McGee's Alice, which went Gold last month, will take the lead and be available next Monday, July 16. This dark interpretation of the classic Wonderland world should provide hours of entertainment and graphical delight. For more details on Alice, be sure to read through IMG's preview. Also be on the lookout for a demo of the game, which programmer Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive recently hinted would be available in the future.

Following closely on Alice's heels will be the compilation Tomb Raider: Triology, due out Wednesday, July 18. Triology will be a great 'starter set' for those new to Tomb Raider, as it includes the first three games in the popular series plus some expansions previously unreleased on the Mac.

Lastly, fans of The Sims will be happy to hear that the second add-on for the game, House Party, will be released the following Monday, July 23. Your Sims will be able to interact like never before in this new addition to the Sim world.

Sadly, releasing these games will leave one lonely title left on Aspyr's project page. We've got a good feeling this won't be for long, as Macworld tends to bring out the best in publishers when it comes to new announcements. Stay tuned to IMG's coverage of the expo starting next week for all the details.

Aspyr Media
IMG Preview of American McGee's Alice
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
Rogue Entertainment
American McGee's Alice

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