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Thursday, July 12, 2001
MGF Hosts TacOps Beta 2
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IMG's partner site MacGameFiles is hosting a mirror of the Unreal Tournament total conversion TacOps for Mac players of this first-person shooter. It has been a nine-month wait for the next version of this tactical-assault mod, but UT fans will find this radical change in gameplay quite refreshing. If the 104 MB download is too daunting for the modem users out there, IMG will also burn this mod on our next MacGames CD. Here is a description:

Tactical Ops (previously known as SWAT) is a realistic multiplayer teamplay Modification (MOD) for Unreal Tournament (UT). The game is based around two teams, the elite Tactical Ops team of the American police force and terrorists from around the world. Tactical Ops will introduce realistic weapons, maps, gameplay modes and never seen before scenarios. For the first few betas they will be accepting only 21st century realistic combat areas but in the future they may advance to military WW2 scenarios and futuristic areas, but that is still a maybe.

The MOD is based around the UT engine, due to the fact it can create highly complex scenes and vast open areas witch also us to make your level much more realistic and the large open areas will allow up to boast the sniper rifles full potential. The engine also supports high-resolution textures to put extra eye candy into maps without slow down. UT's engine also has a crisp, sharp and fast network code so online Tactical Ops will hopefully not turn into an LPB's game. One of the best features of UT's engine is the ability to add custom behaviours, like adding ladders and triggering events such as explosions.

To all new players, a copy of Unreal Tournament IS NEEDED to play Tactical Ops. We also require the latest patch for UT (436) for optimal performance. The Tactical Ops also runs best over a fresh reinstall of Unreal Tournament. YOU MUST REMOVE BETA 1.6 BEFORE INSTALLING BETA 2, OR YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!

Jump to MGF to start your download, and be sure to post your feedback on this mod at MGF and on our forums.

This massive file will also be featured on the next issue of the MacGames CD for those who don't want to download the 100 MB file.

Tactical Ops Web Site
TacOps Beta 2 (104 MB)

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