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Thursday, July 12, 2001
REALBasic 3D, Other Game Resources
11:17 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

iDevGames continues their drive to bring potential Mac game makers the latest information and tools, in an effort to encourage further Mac-first game development. Two recent updates to the site should be of interest to anyone considering creating or participating in a game project.

Joseph Nastasi has posted an overview of Rb3D, an upcoming plug-in for the cross-platform programming tool REALbasic which will turn that language into a "rapid 3D development environment." The Rb3D plugin is being created by Joe Strout, who created the specialized 3D modeling program Meshwork. While the value of a tool is only as great as the skill of the artist using it, this expansion of REALbasic may enable the creation of increasingly sophisticated cross-platform games. REALaasic already supports game technologies such as OpenGL and TCP/IP networking. Nastasi's article provides an overview, a detailed look at the engine and even some sample code for RB hackers; the author is the creator of the space flight simulator A-OK! The Wings of Mercury.

In related news, iDevGames has just created the Inkubator Message Board, a section of their active forums dedicated to fostering team formation and game development. The goal is to form an open-source Mac games development community, and they are looking for artists, musicians, modelers and designers as well as programmers to participate. Stop by iDevGames to check out this and many more programmer resources.
Inkubator Message Board
"3D in REALbasic with Rb3D" by Joseph Nastasi

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