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Tuesday, July 10, 2001
Peter Tamte Interview at MacHome Journal
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MacHome Journal passed along the news that they have conducted a five-question interview with Peter Tamte, head of the just-named company Destineer which plans to both port Microsoft games to the Mac OS and create their own original titles. Under the label Bold, they have plans to publish Age of Empires 2 and Links 2002; there are currently no details on Destineer games.

The interview, while short, does reveal more of Tamte's personality and goals. Here's an excerpt:

Q: What makes Destineer different?

A: The games. Through our Bold label, Destineer is bringing some really interesting games to the Mac. For
example, Age of Empires II is not some click-fest set in a fantasy future. It's a highly entertaining game
that immerses you in earlier western culture. I really like that. And, we're bringing a new version of Links
to the Mac that has improved visuals and a lot of interesting new features that we'll be talking about later
this year.
Destineer was also formed so we can create original games using a next-generation engine that we're
building ourselves. All of our games will ship on the Mac simultaneously with the Windows versions.

Read the rest of the interview for more details on Destineer and Tamte's opinion on an ideal gaming system configuration.

Five Questions with Peter Tamte at MacHome Journal

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