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Tuesday, July 10, 2001

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Diablo II: LoD Crafted Items List
9:01 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story has provided a list of Crafted Items for all players of Diablo II. For those unfamiliar with Crafted Items, they are an addition that comes with with the Lord of Destruction expansion set, allowing players to create items using specific ingredients.

Here's the clip from the website itself for a better explanation:

Crafted Items are a very cool addition in the Expansion.  These are sort of like Rare items, but are not dropped by monsters.  You make Crafted Items with the Horadric Cube, putting in various ingredients and turning them into a Crafted Item.  Crafted Items have orange names and multiple mods, like Rares, but each Crafted has some preset mods, often properties that can only be found on Set or Unique items otherwise.
There are several types of Crafted Items Recipes, including Blood, Hit Power, Safety, Deadly, and Currenty Disabled Recipes, which can be enabled at any time by Blizzard.

For more information on Crafted Items as well as a comprehensive listing of Recipes, ingredients, and the like, be sure to check out the site. - Crafted Items Listing
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