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Monday, July 9, 2001

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New Neverwinter Nights Message Boards
9:04 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

BioWare, the official developers of the upcoming D&D based RPG Neverwinter Nights, has recently noted the opening of some new message boards specifically devoted to discussion on its upcoming title. Opened by Black Isle Studios, these new boards contain forums such as Neverwinter Nights Developer Questions/Answers, Neverwinter Nights Hot Topics, Neverwinter Nights Campaign Discussion, and Neverwinter Nights Dungeon Masters.

Though the boards have only been up for a short time, the intense interest in NWN has already set the boards on fire, with over 7000 registered members on board to voice their thoughts, wishes, and opinions of NWN. Topics such as monthly fees, DM powers, and additional campaign modules are already being debated.

Anyone interested in NWN should definitely give the forums a look - developers of NWN have already posted many times, and will undoubtedly continue to monitor and post as they see fit.

Neverwinter Nights Boards
Neverwinter Nights - What's New
Neverwinter Nights
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