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Monday, July 9, 2001

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World War II Online Future Features
9:55 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official World War II Online site has recently received an updated "intelligence report" which explains the team's plan for the future of this massively-multiplayer online game. Cornered Rat notes that they still have not 'started the clock' on the $10 monthly fee. This will not begin until they -- along with publisher Strategy First -- deem the game is stable and feature-complete. The report lists a number of features that they are in the process of tweaking right now, and which should be implemented in the next few weeks. Among them is a more complex scoring/ranking system, improved user interfaces and a number of new weapons and vehicles.

The 'Blitzkrieg' mode hasn't even begun yet; this will be the true full-scale war envisioned by the company. Once a majority of these features are in place and the game is balanced out, they will then start charging their montly fee. Here's an excerpt with more info:

These features and fixes are not inclusive of all development work being done and is in addition to our on-going commitment to reducing memory requirements and load times as well as other optimizations and known bugs.

This represents the majority of issues surrounding our ability to kick-off 'Blitzkrieg' but we are constantly evaluating, prioritizing and rescheduling based on both the effects on gameplay and performance as well as our ability to deliver them in a timely manner. In order to introduce these features and fixes into the game we will be releasing at least two major updates and most likely some smaller patches as well. Some features will be added in stages. We will be pre-announcing the date when the clock for the 30 day free trial starts along with more details on when the war will begin as soon as possible. Until then enjoy the free play and again thanks for your support.

It is likely Mac users are going to have to download some large patches once the game is available as well. Check out the rest of the report for specific details on their changes.

EB World is currently taking preorders for the Mac version of the game, though they have now changed their release date to the first of next month. While retailer dates aren't known for their accuracy, the game is definitely expected to be delayed beyond the initial announcement of July 10 (tomorrow).

WWII Online Intel Report
Strategy First
Cornered Rat Software
World War II Online

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