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Friday, July 6, 2001

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New Max Payne Screen Shots
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Following a recent .plan file update by a 3D Realms member working on the 3D action/shooter Max Payne that declared the game " essentially done," a number of European sites have begun to post new screen shots of the game. The German site for Take Two Interactive has updated their collection of shots for this title; the newest images are at the bottom. Note that (as you might expect from a game about ultraviolent criminals) these shots are both violent and gory, and not for the faint of heart.

Max Payne is one of the titles that MacSoft acquired for porting when Gathering of Developers divested all of their Mac products; at this time it is not known who is actually porting the game or when it can be expected to be released for the Mac OS. However, confirmation that it is almost complete for PC can only be good news for Mac gamers, as once the code is "frozen" then the effort of porting this title can begin in earnest.

Here's an excerpt from the .plan file of George Broussard of 3D Realms, posted on July 4th:

* The game is essentially done. It's close to a final release candidate and feature freeze (hopefully later this week). From there it will be bug/compatability fixes only. We're signed off on mouse pads, boxes and everything except the manual (which should be done Friday/Saturday). At that point we just play test and wait on the gold CD.

One area of focus now is tweaking the harder skill levels that unlock after you beat the game, including New York Minute. In NYM, you start with time on a clock and it counts down. Every time you kill a guy you get more time. If the timer hits zero you die. It's a really, really fun way to play the game after beating it the first time.

Obviously, this game is not for the pacifist crowd. Visit Take Two for those screen shots and the official Max Payne web site for details.

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