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Friday, July 6, 2001
Neverwinter Nights Chat Transcript
9:26 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Neverwinter Stratics has posted the result of a recent IRQ chat between 13 BioWare team members working on the 3D RPG Neverwinter Nights and 165 giddy RPG fanatics. The transcript has been 'cleaned up' quite a bit from the usual free-for-all, and is packed with interesting information about this revolutionary online D&D game.

While there isn't any Mac-specific information being discussed, that is the beauty of a game which will appear for Mac and PC at the same time -- there doesn't have to be anything platform-specific to talk about. What you will find, however, are more details about the game and gameplay that begin to "fill in" the big picture of what this game might be like when it ships in late 2001. While the transcript may be a little tough to decipher for those not versed in D&D esoterica, there are enough interesting bits to make it worth your while. Here's a sample:

Donny Trimm: How can corpse looting be handled? If it follows the Baulders Gate method you could script the death event to spawn items on the ground by the corpse. This works for PvE but if the server admin allows PvP this leaves the items unprotected after you die. Would you have the option of protecting all or partial items for looting only by the player who owns the corpse. Will items have to be individually looted ala EverQuest or can you set an autoloot ala Diablo that re-equips all items when looting begins?

bio_scott1: There will be some basic looting options that are part of the PVP options. They include player can only loot their own character, party only looting, free looting. Of course, as MarkB pointed out, there is an OnPlayerDeath event that can be used to implement selected item dropping. We haven't yet talked about implementing an auto-loot feature.

Taken out of context, that could be misinterpreted. In any case, if you want more of the inside scoop on the mechanics of this next-generation dungeon crawler, read the transcript.

In related news, Tuncer Deniz and Jason Sims (of IMG of course) just paid a visit to BioWare HQ and had a personal demonstration of the game in action. Expect a full write-up of their experiences in the near future.

Neverwinter Nights
BioWare Staff Chat Transcript at Neverwinter Stratics

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