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Friday, July 6, 2001
Galaxy Yexi Announced for the Mac
8:56 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG received word recently from a Dallas-based company called D'Carlos & Covett Communication about a new Mac game called Galaxy Yexi, The Stellar Adventure. This space-oriented strategy sim will be made with Macromedia's Shockwave technology, and looks to be influenced heavily by sci-fi series such as Star Trek. Here's a clip from their press release:

"The main goal is to put the player in front of the consoles to actually
pilot the starship on her missions through a vast galaxy. Like myself, many
fans of the sci-fi genre always watched the Star TrekŪ movies and other
franchises and wanted to be in control of those starships, but could not
find, so far, a space simulation that allowed it with a great level of
detail. For instance, I enjoyed playing Starfleet Academy a great deal, but
the game presented a quite simplified version of the ship's stations to make
the experience more accessible, what was a kind of setback to me: as also a
jet-fighter enthusiast, I missed the element of being able to read the radar
scans and the ship's bearing and so on" said F. C. Covett, director and
creative lead of the company.

Of course, all the excitement of space combat, diplomacy, and exploration is
present. The game includes a choice of armament, such as pulse guns and
self-guided tachyon torpedoes, that provides enough fire power to blow huge
enemy starships or even a massive starbase, if you are skilled enough to get
past through it's defenses! There is also the interaction with the
representatives of the other space-dwelling species while resolving disputes
over resources and territory.

As a player, you can do some obvious tasks, as docking on starbases for
performing major repairs and replenish main resources, and other not so
obvious, such as orbiting sidereal objects, launching probes to gather the
position of a cloaked vessel or being caught in the gravity well of a star
and wind up being sling-shot hundreds of light-years from home.

There will be some sort of co-op multiplayer in the game as well, allowing gamers to connect over the Internet to play. There is no official web site available yet, though they promise one later in the month. Galaxy Yexi will be available exclusively through their online store; they expect a release later for the Mac OS later this summer. Check out the three screen shots sent to IMG which show off the game's interface for details.

Galaxy Yexi Screen Shot #3
Galaxy Yexi Screen Shot #2
Galaxy Yexi Screen Shot #1

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