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Thursday, July 5, 2001
Eliminator "Aftershock" Reviewed
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Continuing our commitment to bring you in-depth hardware reviews (and help you spend your hard-earned money wisely), IMG has posted a review of the Gravis Eliminator Aftershock gamepad. A traditional console controller, the gamepad has undergone many cycles of emulation from its NES roots, and this latest example has learned from past mistakes well. Here's an excerpt:

The wonderful world of USB has opened so many doors for Mac gamers in the area of input devices that it makes it difficult to choose the ‘perfect’ gamepad. Today, we look at the Eliminator Aftershock, Gravis’ dual analog solution. Gravis has a good reputation for quality design and craftsmanship. Upon taking the Aftershock out of its box and holding it in my hands, I felt that it was one sturdy gamepad. The sleek, silvery surface, its two analog directional sticks, 8-way D-pad, and four buttons make it appear as a very versatile device. It has a nice weight to it and is just about the right size to fit the hands of most adults and children.
Read on to see if this gamepad is the one your games have been waiting for.

Review: Gravis Eliminator Aftershock Gamepad

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Archives  News  Eliminator "Aftershock" Reviewed