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Tuesday, July 3, 2001
Mac WWII Online Delayed One Week
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In mid-June we brought you the news that Cornered Rat/Playnet's massiveley-multiplayer online war sim World War II Online would ship for the Mac OS on July 10th; unfortunately we just received the information that the ship date is now expected to be July 17th. Playnet will ship a boxed Mac version of the game, rather than a Mac/PC hybrid, a strong show of support for our platform.

Considering the turbulent launch period of this game on the PC side, the delay may actually be a blessing; by the time we get to join the fracas, issues such as server bandwidth problems and a battlefield split into zones may be resolved. The extra time may also allow some tweaking of the game for speed, as many PC reviewers of the title have reported less-than-fantastic frame rates in pitched battles.

We'll bring you more details on the Mac version of this game as it nears release.

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