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Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Altec Lansing ATP5 Speakers Reviewed
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Mac gamers have recently gained a new appreciation for the audio experience in gaming with the release of Creative Labs' Sound Blaster Live! card. Whether or not you own this add-on, it is clearer now than ever that a great pair of speakers can tremendously enhance your gaming experience, and luckily for all of us the price for excellent speakers is beginning to drop down to a reasonable level. With this thought in mind IMG brings you a review of Altec Lansing's APT5 "4.1" speaker set, ideal for gaming and especially for EAX/OpenAL games played with a SB Live card. Here is an excerpt:

Just before beginning this review, I ran across an article that described an audiophile who has spent nearly $150,000 USD on his home stereo system. Even with audio cables costing tens of thousands of dollars and special air bladders and sandbox systems to prevent vibration, the setup was still not yet perfect to his oh-so-discriminating ear.

Here in reality, most of us aren't willing to throw down more than a couple hundred dollars on a set of speakers for our Macs. However the tale of the $150k stereo is an important example of just how subjective sound quality is to the listener. With this in mind, here is our review of a midrange "multimedia" speaker setup.

Read on for more details. We've seen this speaker set retail for below $149, an excellent price for a 4.1 setup.

Review: Altec Lansing APT5

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