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Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Update on Myth: TFL Server
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Yes, faithful readers, there are people who still play Myth: The Fallen Lords, and they have been without a server to play on for quite some time. One of the casualties of the move from Chicago to Redmond, WA for the Bungie team, the TFL server has been MIA, so to speak. Recently the web site was updated with a progress report, but unfortunately it was not good news. Here's the report:

Of late, many of you have asked me how things are coming along with the TFL server... though you've tended to phrase the question, "OMG, U FAG! Fix TFL or I kik u mb!" Its sad to say that the answer "Soon," has lost it's charm and "We're still working on it," never had the same appeal, so here I am to tell you what's going on, more or less, with TFL.

TFL was always a much trickier situation than the Myth2 server. To begin with, it's older by a year at least. It runs on an ancient version of Red Hat, one which requires custom drivers to be written (use Linux, write your own drivers! I tell you, those were the days!). To further complicate this, things like the server's IP address and the IP addresses of the other machines that the server needs to talk to in order to function are hard coded into the system and must therefore be manually searched for and replaced.

All of this, I'm told, should take about a full day of a competent programmer's time. Unfortunate, all of our competent programmers are busy on things like, oh Halo, for instance. This leaves only myself and Matt to do the fix, however, neither of us are competent programmers (someday I'll open source my 126 line "hello world" program!) and both of us are also busy working on (non-programming intensive) bits of Halo.

Now, what you're all waiting to read at this point is that TFL isn't coming back and we've been lying to you all this time, ha ha ha ha! Well, now you've read it and you can relax knowing that it is not true. TFL will be coming back, as previously promised. Unfortunately, I can't give you a more specific timeframe as none of the people who could fix it know when they'll have enough time to sit down and actually do so. Hopefully, this will be soon!

Ah, "soon" -- that most frustrating of words! Keep watching for more updates on the situation. In related news, many of the scripts on the actual Bungie web site are now fixed, allowing you to register your game, create or edit an Order and change your password.

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