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Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Red Faction Interview
9:58 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Tolstiy's Place has posted an interview available with Mark Lewis of Volition talking about his work on the PS2 and PC versions of Red Faction. This next-gen FPS features great graphics, a complex physics engine and a deep storyline which is sure to captivate the player. The Q&A talks about Lewis' experience with level design (he got his start with Quake), as well as some of the specific challenges he faced when designing with Red Faction's Geo-Mod engine in mind. Here's an excerpt explaining more:

Tolstiy: If we've mentioned that the player can destroy your environments, lets continue this topic. It is understandable that a rocket launcher can blow things up easily but what about less powerful weapons - do they make any damage to the surrounding environments?

Mark Lewis: In Red Faction, only the explosive weapons cause geo-mods. The only exception to this is breakable glass, which can be shot out by any weapon.

Tolstiy: The question tightly connected to the previous one - can we hope that less powerful weapons will do real damage to the environments - - e.g. holes in the walls, smashing pieces of architecture (as seen in Matrix) because of gun shots etc and all of that made not by textures (as usually) but using your groundbreaking technology? Please, include some in-game examples here. If the answer is no, ground your opinion.

Mark Lewis: The engine is capable of doing that sort of thing, but we have held back from having bullets tear out chunks of walls. The reason for this is that geo-mods add polygons to the level that the game has to keep track of. If, for example, our assault rifle caused tons of small geo-mods, it could create a processing strain, which we'd like to avoid keeping the action fast.

So, while the Geo-Mod technology will be an asset to game players, it is still limited in use because of technology constraints (such as how much your CPU can handle). Be sure to read through the rest of the interesting interview. The Mac version of Red Faction is set for completion later this year, just after the PC version is released. It will be published to the Mac by GraphSim.

Red Faction Interview at Tolstiy's Place
Red Faction

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