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Tuesday, June 26, 2001
Monkey Byte Sells Battle-Girl, Free Demo Disc
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The latest edition of the Monkey Byte newsletter contains two updates which may be of interest to Mac gamers. This independent software (and music) publisher has added the 2D action game Battle-Girl to their catalog of Mac titles, and they have opened up their offer of a free demo CD with unlockable versions of their Mac and PC games to the general public.

For those of you who have yet to discover Battle-Girl, we can't encourage you strongly enough to check out this instant-classic title. Truly one of the most addictive "plotless shooters" we've ever played, this game performs well on almost any 1999 or later Mac and is a very impressive Powerbook game as well. You can grab a demo of this game from MGF.

Here are the relevant excerpts from the newsletter: announces Battle Girl for the Macintosh now available
through the web site.

Battle Girl uses a 2-D overhead perspective and color vector graphics
rendered in a silky smooth control. Battle Girl uses a TripTronic
graphics engine, which means that all the action is superbly fluid and
the controls are easy and precise. The soundtrack totally rocks!
Battle Girl moves to some of the best dance music from all over the world
- so pump up the volume and play to the beat.

Due to the amazing response from our NewsLetter members,
has decided to take our FREE Demo CD-ROM offer public!

For just shipping and handling, we will send out a FREE demo CD-ROM that
contains hours of unlimited gameplay. This CD-ROM is packed solid with
all the game demos available from and music samples from
our Indie bands. If you enjoy any of the games on this Free CD, they can
be unlocked with a code purchased from the web site (only
where applicable)!

Be sure and visit the Monkey Byte web site to check out both of these offers.

Demo CD Info at Monkey Byte
Battle-Girl Details at Monkey Byte
Battle-Girl Demo (1.1 MB)

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Archives  News  Monkey Byte Sells Battle-Girl, Free Demo Disc