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Tuesday, June 26, 2001
Massive IMG Preview of Myth III Posted
9:32 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG's Michael Yanovich recently took a trip to the MumboJumbo offices and
returned with a massive preview of Myth III: The Wolf Age, along with
a number of screen shots of in-game action. The preview offers a quick
review of the currently known facts on the game, including basics on the new 3D polygonal
models, prequel storyline, and multiplayer basics. More details and impressions
are then given on the much-improved graphics in the game. The 3D engine will
support more detailed models, a wider range of "zoom" and realistic physics. New details
on some of the returning characters and story are explored for the very fist time as well. Here's a clip
on some of the differences that fans of the series can expect in comparison to Myth II:

One side effect of this development path has been to illustrate the remarkable difference between MIIís sprite based units and MIIIís fully 3D characters. For example, 3D trows have not been implemented into the game yet (they will be by the time you read this). So when I was shown portions of the game, I saw sprite Trow standing shoulder to shoulder with 3D thrall. The difference is astonishing.

Zooming into the sprite images resulted in ungainly jaggies and blurring, an inherent limitation in the technology. The 3D images, even at close range, were stunning by contrast. The expressions on the unitsí faces, the minutia of the details Ė one thrall missing a shoulder pad, another one with chunks taken out of his side Ė are a joy to behold.

Definitely be sure to have a read through the rest of the six--page article, as
well as the impressive new screen shots in the gallery. Myth III is currently
on schedule to be completed this Fall (perhaps as early as October), and the
Mac version will be published by MacSoft.

MumboJumbo Games
IMG Preview of Myth III: The Wolf Age

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Archives  News  Massive IMG Preview of Myth III Posted